Te Waiariki Purea working with Rangatahi to build self-esteem and strengthen cultural awareness

waiarikipureaIn 1987, a group of people created an organisation that focused on getting Rotorua’s youth into outdoor recreation and education.

25 years later, Te Waiariki Purea Trust is stronger than ever and working with youth and whānau across a wide range of programmes.

They offer Youth Support Services for 14-19 year olds helping them into ongoing education or work.  Te Arawa Journey is incredibly popular with rangatahi and enhances knowledge of the people and land within the Te Arawa rohe while emphasising self-respect and humility. While E Kare another youth development course teaches life skills.

In addition they offer Outdoor Services which has a focus on outdoor activities and waka paddling which is available to schools around the country.  Strengthening Families is another service they offer which supports whānau who are needing to engage with multiple government agencies. Over the coming months we will see to highlight many of these.

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